Guides and Tool-kits

Creating Healthy Communities: Tools and Actions to Foster Environments for Healthy Living

Guide2.JPGThis guide was prepared by Smart Growth BC, in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of experts from the health and land use planning fields. It recommends 116 land use policies and programs that local governments can adopt to promote healthy living in our communities. It also includes specific examples of these programs and policies in action, as well as quick links to specific policy documents and language that can be used as templates. Download this guide.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Creating Healthy Communities Guide, we recommend you also refer to the Provincial Health Services Authority's "Foundations for a Healthier Built Environment" paper and "introduction to Land Use Planning for  Health Professionals" workshop reader. Here's an instruction sheet on how to cross-reference the publications.

To order copies of the guide, contact Smart Growth BC at, or at: 604-915-5234.

Affordable Housing: A Smart Growth Toolkit for BC Municipalities 


This publication provides detailed explanations of eight tools and strategies, from inclusionary zoning to land banking, and highlights examples of best practices across BC demonstrating how local governments are adapting affordable housing strategies to fit their unique needs. It addresses the gap between 100% market-rate housing and 100% social housing. Download this toolkit.

Hard copies are available on a cost-recovery basis ($20) by contacting

The Smart Growth Toolkit

There are many complex and technical issues involved in building smarter communities. The Tool Kit provides an overview of key sustainability issues including an introduction to smart growth, smart growth tools, citizen involvement strategies and references on additional information sources for those who want to know more. Download the Smart Growth Toolkit:   

          Part 1                 Part 2                   Part 3                 Part 4

Hard copies are available on a cost-recovery basis ($20) by contacting


You Can Make Smart Growth Happen in Your Communitystartorg.JPG

(Or, How to Start a Citizen Organization in Your Neighbourhood or Town)


This guide will give you a brief introduction to the key steps you’ll need to take to start a local citizen organization, including:

- Learning About Smart Growth           -Finding Your Fellow Members

- Creating Your Vision                           -Deciding on Your Activities

- Forming the Organization                  - Funding Your Work

- Further Resources


Citizens Guide to Protecting Agricultural Land in BC

The Citizens Guide is designed to assist you in learning about the importance of preserving BC's land as well as how to go about ensuring that it is protected while planning for urban growth. The guide outlines the decision-making and planning processes affecting the ALR and provides strategies for citizen engagement in this key public policy issue.
Download here.



Smart Growth Primer

Smart growth is a comprehensive approach to regional development that focuses on the true costs and benefits of growth to communities. The purpose of this Smart Growth Primer is to describe what kinds of strategies make up a smart growth approach to urban and near-urban development. At the same time, the Primer is an opportunity to share examples from the many communities in B.C. that are already successfully using smart growth techniques.
(by Deborah Curran and May Leung).

Download here.




votered2002.JPGVoter Education Guides

The production and distribution of 100,000 Smart Growth BC Voter Guides is the main tool of the Voter Education Campaign during local government elections in BC.